Lesson Information 

As an acting teacher at Nick Conti's "Professional Actors Studio" I've taught/mentored many actors who put in the work and are now booking work in the Atlanta market.

Private 1 on 1 coaching can make all the difference between booking and not booking the job. Whether you have an important AUDITION or simply want to improve your skills, my focus and attention will be specific to your needs and goals.



A large part of the actors "job" is auditioning. I will guide you on how to find the beats in a scene to ensure you stand out. Also the do's and dont's of both taping and in-person auditions. 

Script Analysis

Learn to get as much information from all the text. This will allow you to elevate you character choices. 

Cold Reads

Learn/perfect the art of the cold read.

Many times in an audition, you will be handed sides and be given 10 minutes to prepare what you are going to do. 


The monologue is an actors tool to further ones training and career. You will be asked to preform a monologue at auditions. I'll show you how to nail it! 

Q & A

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Matt's Fun and Funny!! He pushes you to challenge yourself by giving honest feedback. He has the ability to force you into those uncomfortable emotions that creates perfect moments which somehow gives you a feeling of growth. Its weird, i dont know how he does it, but its cool!


Anthony W.  

 The service that's currently being provided it me is beginners one on one acting. My acting coach is Matt Skollar. He's and awesome coach, I went to him because he earned my trust and he's very honest. When I went to him I told him that I wanted to learn to control my emotions while acting so we worked on that for a while. Then we worked on script analysis which is something that really helps me a lot. I feel that Matt cares more about you learning and understanding the craft and less about the time you've paid him. On many occasions we've went 20 or 30mins past our time and not once did Matt say your times up. Hes alwaus wanted to make sure that I understood the script. After we're finished with the script, we watch the recording to let me see what I'm doing right or wrong. I'd recommend everyone to Matt because I personally know he cares that we beco.e a better actor.


James H.

I have been coached by Matt both in class setting, and in private lessons. Matt has a way of establishing a connection with you, and helping you pull out from your own experiences ways to connect to characters, and helping you realize for yourself things thatbdont work, and why they don't work. Matt does not coach for a specific role (even though he is successful at that), but rather he coaches you with tools that you can take with you as you move forward in your career. Be ready to have some emotions surface that may make you a little uncomfortable at first, and then get ready to harness those feelings, and you lose yourself, and gain your character(s). I highly recommend Matt Skollar.

Quote of the month

"Study, find all the good teachers and study with them, get involved in acting to act, not to be famous or for the money. Do plays. It's not worth it if you're just in it for the money. You have to love it."

-Philip Seymour Hoffman