About me

Hey I am Matt Skollar

For me, it's NOT about "acting" but striving to tell the truth, be honest and take risks. My coaching aims to give you as many "Tools" to fill your tool-belt in order for you to be fulfilled and achieve success.  

People ask me , "Matt what keeps you going all this time?" I tell them simply "I love the work!"

And the journey is ongoing. I'm always adding to my craft and striving to get better.Building my "Tool-belt".


Proud to be a  SAG Actor earning my SAG card back in 1999 booking a guest star role on the pilot episode of Law and Order SVU. I've worked on stage TV and Film in New York, LA and Atlanta. My recent credits include a  co star on CBS's "MacGyver", and a supporting role in upcoming Feature Film "Beast Beast" executive produced by Alec Baldwin which Premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival.

When i'm not acting or coaching, I like to cook, play guitar and sing. I use to be the host of a popular online cooking show in L.A. called "The Single Chef"  I love cats, flip flops, and good coffee.